Health is a normal state and not an anomaly.

I have spent nearly a decade as a chiropractor actioning this belief. I help people expand their understanding of overall health, so lifestyle diseases don’t own the right to their future.

My practice focuses on the Zone Technique, a chiropractic modality developed by Dr. Peter Goldman. I begin by determining which of the six brain centres are not in harmony with the systems they control. Then I correct this by stimulating specific points in the spinal cord. Patients are overcoming everything from vertigo to persistent headaches.

Growing up in Denver, Colorado, in a household of athletes my first exposure to chiropractic care was through my brother’s sports injury. As a football player I experienced a boost in performance and a faster recovery.

On an American football scholarship, I studied Kinesiology at Baker College and abroad in Whales, which sealed the pursuit of my international career. I earned my doctorate from New York Chiropractic College, from study abroad to global citizen, I moved to Peru. Peru was void of an adequate healthcare system, chiropractic care enabled people to improve everything from brain tumors to autoimmune disease.

Beyond offering adjustments at my Amsterdam practice, I facilitate a weekly book club, where all are welcome to explore titles like, “Rays of the Dawn,” and broaden their perspective on health. Stateside or overseas, I have found the most successful way to help people is through an educational and collaborative health relationship.